We've pushed this release a little quicker to address an urgent fix related to vendor purchase orders, but also included some goodies related to time sheets.

There's a new quick list on the Daily Time Sheets page that allows you to select a job from the drop-down.  The time sheet has the start time automatically set based on the latest stop time for the day.  Also included is a quick copy icon next to the time sheet id.  It saves a step of opening the time sheet to press the copy button.

The Weekly Time Sheets page has also been modified to use the latest stop time for the day when entering time using the + icons.

Release Date: 
Monday, September 6, 2021
New Features: 


Adding Time From Weekly Time Sheets List Uses The Last Stop Time For The New Start Time

  • The latest stop time for the selected day is used when adding a time sheet from Weekly Time Sheets.


Quick List Time Sheet Add

  • Quickly add a time sheet from the Daily Time Sheets list using a drop-down that includes:
    • An option for unknown or unlisted jobs
    • A list of assigned jobs and jobs from recent time sheets
  • Uses the stop time of the last time sheet as the start time of the new time sheet.

    Time Sheet Quick List

Copy Icon On Daily Time Sheet List

  • A copy icon next to the time sheet number lets you quickly copy a time sheet without needing to first open the time sheet.


Modified Employee Link On Daily Time Sheet List

  • When viewing All Daily Time Sheets. the link on the employee name navigates to the employee daily list instead of the weekly list.




Fix Navigation to Daily Time Sheet List

  • When changing the employee on a time sheet, the navigation was taking you to the Daily Time Sheet of the original employee instead of the new one.


Fixed Malformed Time Sheet Copy URL

  • The time sheet ID was out of sequence in the copy URL, causing it to attempt to load too many records and giving an out-of-memory error for databases with a high number of time sheet records.


Fixed PO / Job Item Sync Creating Extra Purchase Order Item

  • Saving changes to a job item attached to a Vendor Purchase Order was causing a duplicate record to be created on the Purchase Order.
  • Also fixed the PO being listed incorrectly on the job item form if the vendor id was out of sync.