Release 4.70

This release contains more maintenance updates and fixes than new features.  While onboarding a new customer, we've identified some deficiencies that we wanted to address. For starters, we've done some refactoring in the admin forms to make editing more consistent between various forms.  We've also fixed an issue in the catalog import related to units of measure.

Release 4.69

The previous release introduced or highlighted several issues that needed to be addressed through a series of emergency releases as noted below.  We've also provided a few new features in the process, including enhancing the time sheet entry and purchase order item entry workflows. Finally, additional information is listed on the time sheet report for payroll entry, also described below.

Release 4.68

We've pushed this release a little quicker to address an urgent fix related to vendor purchase orders, but also included some goodies related to time sheets.

There's a new quick list on the Daily Time Sheets page that allows you to select a job from the drop-down.  The time sheet has the start time automatically set based on the latest stop time for the day.  Also included is a quick copy icon next to the time sheet id.  It saves a step of opening the time sheet to press the copy button.

Release 4.67

A couple of noteworthy changes in this release are the "My Active Jobs" block, listing the top 10 current jobs that you are assigned to, and new way of entering the vendor on purchase orders.  In addition, functionality for multiple selling units has expanded to cover purchase orders and job items.

Time sheets haven't received attention in a while and have had some internal upgrading done that will make upcoming enhancements easier.  Included in that is an optional customer authorization line on the time sheet reports for customers to sign. A few other fixes are also included.

Release 4.66

This list is short, but we wanted to get some fixes and features out the door early so we can focus on a bigger set of changes.

Of note is the ability to edit customer invoice and purchase order numbers directly from the Job Edit form.  You can still add invoices, but the flow is slightly different if you tend to use multiple invoices per job.  Closed invoices can't be edited this way.

Other fixes address an issue in the Job Report and in managing labor types on jobs and customers.

Release 4.65

There has been a lot of activity this past month which is not yet reflected in a release.  A number of bugs were addressed in addition to some substantial code refactoring.  In particular, the Job form received some attention, which we are hopeful has fixed more bugs than it may have caused.

Release 4.64

Although the focus of the past two weeks has been to support multiple selling units, most of this release included bug fixes.  Internal work towards multiple selling units has been included, but is dormant until enough functionality has been completed.  Supporting that change required some refactoring that has allowed more effective code updates.  The next couple of weeks will continue the focus on multiple selling units.

Release 4.63

In this smaller release, we've applied some more urgent fixes and requested features.  Specifically, we've enhanced the capture of job types for reporting on employee reports.  This required a few fixes as listed below.

Emails being generated for vendor quotes have been given a boost with the ability to edit the email template to better support your style of communication to the vendor.  When the vendor adds their SKU, it is automatically applied to the catalog's alternate product code list.

Release 4.62

While not a huge release, we've managed to squeeze in some needed functionality that should help your productivity.  In particular, the Item Code / Title filter for catalog lists now includes the category name in the filter results.

File attachments got an upgrade with the ability to attach files and images to job orders.  That effort included a near complete refactoring of that system to improve future maintenance.

Release 4.61

The main highlight of this release is a new function allowing purchase order expenses, such as shipping costs, to be evenly distributed among materials.  There are more details below on how this is implemented.

There are a few other fixes and features in this release that you can read about below.  Some related changes to flesh out some of these changes are in the pipe for upcoming releases.  Expect a short release cycle this week to address those changes and any new bugs.