LaborGet more detail on each timesheet with less work. Default values on customers and jobs make it easy to go to the meat of the timesheet. Lazy entry lets you save what you know at the moment and revisit it later.

Action reports inform employees and management about what important items need to be addressed, whether it be missing data, overdue and late time entries, and when jobs are complete and ready to invoice.

Get quick overviews of daily and weekly time expended.

Plan your work through scopes and tasks, helping to manage change requests and extras. Allows transfer of scope and task details to the work details of the timesheet.

Easily assign qualified employees to customers and jobs to help keep their focus on only assigned work.

Using search tools, find current solutions to past issues as recorded in timesheets.

For apprenticeships, generate quick reports for required hours. T-JACS allows inclusion of hours from previous employers.