Job Control

T-JACS is all about controlling the job.  Everything revolves around it: the customer, the employees, the materials and expenses, purchase orders, etc.  If you want to know something, it's usually related to the job.

Part of managing jobs is knowing what to do next.  The T-JACS job board separates jobs according to their status: RFP (Quotes), Current and Ongoing, Reconcile, Ready to Invoice, and Billed or Closed.  Easily know when a job is blocked and when a job has been stagnating.

Employees have unprecedented ability to do their job by being able to access customer contact information, job site details, materials pick sheets, generate personalized PO numbers, view the job organization through scopes and tasks, and access artifacts such as photos, blueprints, and correspondence.  This level of transparency frees management for higher level work, while still keeping an eye on job progress. Letting the employee enter data as the work happens allows you to watch costs and profit margins as the job progresses.

Associate styles to jobs so that you can easily list jobs based on the type of work.  This makes it simple to use past experience to simply copy any job with the associated materials, expenses, and scopes into a new job or estimate.