Materials ManagementT-JACS makes it easy to build your catalog on the go.  As you add materials and expenses to a job, your catalog grows.  Rather than working from the inventory to the job, we work from the job to the inventory.  Adding materials to the job lets you track purchase orders at the job level.  Excess material is then cycled through inventory, making it easier to manage.

At the end of the job, excess materials marked as returned are automatically applied to the WIPR (Work In Progress Reclaim) bin.  This allows other jobs to easily grab the part they need before it even touches the inventory.

Gather materials quickly by knowing where it is when you need it.  You can apply all needed materials in advance to the job.  Employees can generate a pick sheet that specifies all needed materials and lists which vendor has them or where to find them in stock.  Attach photos of inventory locations and bins to make gathering easier.

Designate vehicles as inventory locations and personalize them for better employee accountability.

By keeping job items together, returns and warranty issues are managed better.